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The Gimme plug-in works like so: /gimme [items] (n) Where items can be: flowers archery blocks glass stairs stuff things food music n is the quantity, default 1. Example: /gimme blocks 64 or just: /gimme food Advertisements

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Plug-ins: craftbukkit 1.1-R4 TobiMotd 2.0 Gimme 1.0.1 EpicZones 0.35.1 dynmap 0.32 The /highway command has been retired.

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huffing it hard

Fixed: Fire works again, not in all zones though Mail to was bouncing due to full disk, always works Many new protected zones (“national landmarks”) established: signs; Condominiums; giant toilet; greenhouse; Post Office Apparently “the dongominums are almost up … Continue reading

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big dicks in my face making me choke and cry

All friends of rands have build permissions, do what you like. Everybody else can suck it. This just in: MCBouncer has been installed. We are now subscribed to the same ban lists as and other large servers. The following … Continue reading

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Big Fat Gay Upgrades

These plugins were updated: CraftBukkit 1.1R1 Dynmap 0.30 EpicZones 0.34 hurrrrrrrrrr duh

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Zone Protection Enabled

EpicZones has been installed. It works by allowing one to designate protected areas (“national treasures”) like the giant spigot, the cockscraper and cafe d’nuts. This is an experiment to combat tween griefers that have been visiting lately. If you would like … Continue reading

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Plug-ins Installed

Plug-ins installed: SimpleAntiSpam Dynmap 0.29.2 JSONAPI Tobi Motd Minecraft BlackList PermissionsEX nuggggggh

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