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what do you mean what happened i just slipped down these damn stairs

Upgraded to latest version of CraftBukkit, dynmap. Extended protection to 256 pixels above sea level. Interdasting: /explode 1000 in the desert. Monkey AIDS. Drink Piss. Space elevator is a nice touch. Advertisements

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it's too big for this house like some other kind of building stood here originally

dynmap is back. went crazy with no idea when craftbukkit for 1.3 will be out fagbot is back it’s not even a real phone number

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even the flowers are ugly and look at the foundation it's enormous

Upgraded to dynmap 0.6. CPU is peaked but this is probably due to the full render in-progress. Politely asked the author of CraftIRC why the join messages aren’t printing anymore. Temporarily disabled the train plug-in for now.

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touching each other

Upgrades: CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R5.0 Dynmap 0.5 EpicZones 0.36 PermissionsEx 1.19.3 WorldEdit 5.3 CraftIRC 3.8 TrainCarts 1.71.2 new SaveSpot new TrainCarts is just bizarre: We are using whatever defaults it generated. SaveSpot is nice and simple: /savespot and /loadspot Still dithering between … Continue reading

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Big Fat Gay Upgrades

m’lord CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R3.0 Dynmap 0.39 EpicZones 0.36 PermissionsEx 1.19.2 m’lady

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Updates and what have you

Plugins Updated: Dynmap EpicZones Also: WorldEdit permissions expanded /date works for some reason Neato rollercoaster now open Still here: #jerkcity

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Upgrades + GIANTBOMBCAST + #jerkcity

Latest CraftBukkit. New dynmap. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Also, like, idling on port 6667 #jerkcity. Wet slappy dongs in your face.

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Upgrade: Minecraft 1.2.4

Changes here: Everything seems to work. All the plugins we wrote have been compiled against a bukkit development build. Keeping an eye out for a more stable build as time goes by. If you get this message (see above) while viewing … Continue reading

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That command you didn’t know existed and didn’t ask for has been improved: With no arguments, /woolgod places 64 of each color of wool blocks in your inventory. Takes color names as optional arguments: /woolgod black white pink Also supports … Continue reading

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Upgrade: Minecraft 1.2.3

there’s nothing gay about singing along to The Cure in your bathrobe

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