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move is complete. new temporary address: old machine has been shut down. dns should catch up within a 1/2 day or so. Advertisements

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working: dynmap /gimme MCBouncer EpicZones PermissionsEx /woolgod irc rands the bot not working: static maps generated by — too cpu invensive current player list on home page — JSONAPI plugin not compatible with 1.4.2 irc bridge — plugin MinecraftBot … Continue reading

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what do you mean what happened i just slipped down these damn stairs

Upgraded to latest version of CraftBukkit, dynmap. Extended protection to 256 pixels above sea level. Interdasting: /explode 1000 in the desert. Monkey AIDS. Drink Piss. Space elevator is a nice touch.

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The following monuments had the wrong permissions, since fixed:  arrow barf cockpit cocks derp fagsexe grinder jasa lagsign netherkitty penisscraper pez pileofpoop pissingman poosign rands target toilet transamerican whateverthefuck Weekly backups of the whole world are available here: For those … Continue reading

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Updates and what have you

Plugins Updated: Dynmap EpicZones Also: WorldEdit permissions expanded /date works for some reason Neato rollercoaster now open Still here: #jerkcity

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Upgrades + GIANTBOMBCAST + #jerkcity

Latest CraftBukkit. New dynmap. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Also, like, idling on port 6667 #jerkcity. Wet slappy dongs in your face.

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Upgrade: Minecraft 1.2.4

Changes here: Everything seems to work. All the plugins we wrote have been compiled against a bukkit development build. Keeping an eye out for a more stable build as time goes by. If you get this message (see above) while viewing … Continue reading

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Upgrade: Minecraft 1.2.3

there’s nothing gay about singing along to The Cure in your bathrobe

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users per day

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