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Server Upgrade: Ordered

Boo: Amazon EC2 slowness + 1.5GB RAM + $70/month hosting fees + no dynmap Yay: Dedicated 1U hardware on order from abmx servers. 2.4GHz CPU + 8GB RAM + $0/month hosting fees + yay CPU-intensive plugins Guessing: Mid-Januaryish Advertisements

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Map is back: Old-world list of builders was misplaced. Drop a note if you want build access within the city limits. We will likely stick with WorldGuard: No updates to EpicZones appear to be available.

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Upgrade to 1.4.6

Server version: 1.4.6 Craftbukkit: craftbukkit-1.4.6-R0 Retired: EpicZones (crashes) Installed: WorldEdit, WorldGuard City limits are protected again. Ask LafinJack for build access (he’s an admin). Looking at why /gimme is broken… Update: /gimme works again

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Upgrade to 1.4.5

Server version: 1.4.5 Craftbukkit: 1.4.5-R0.2 Choking: true Poking: yes hurrrrrrrrr duh

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