The following monuments had the wrong permissions, since fixed:  arrow barf cockpit cocks derp fagsexe grinder jasa lagsign netherkitty penisscraper pez pileofpoop pissingman poosign rands target toilet transamerican whateverthefuck

Weekly backups of the whole world are available here: http://minecraft.jerkcity.com/backups/

For those of you making lovingly achingly gay world renders, Chunky 1.0.9 seems to be stable.

The leap second bug caused Java to freak out from 7/1+. Fixed by stopping ntpd. Send the bot an “uptime” command to see the server’s load average.


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JERKCITY FOREVER and ever and ever amen
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2 Responses to DUMB DONGS

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. LafinJack says:

    What kind of file is that in the .tar?

    Also, dicks.

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