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even the flowers are ugly and look at the foundation it's enormous

Upgraded to dynmap 0.6. CPU is peaked but this is probably due to the full render in-progress. Politely asked the author of CraftIRC why the join messages aren’t printing anymore. Temporarily disabled the train plug-in for now. Advertisements

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those apple trees are really sickly look the fruit's all deformed

dynmap is down due to neckbeard – more to come

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touching each other

Upgrades: CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R5.0 Dynmap 0.5 EpicZones 0.36 PermissionsEx 1.19.3 WorldEdit 5.3 CraftIRC 3.8 TrainCarts 1.71.2 new SaveSpot new TrainCarts is just bizarre: We are using whatever defaults it generated. SaveSpot is nice and simple: /savespot and /loadspot Still dithering between … Continue reading

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Lovingly applying unique permissions for every single fucking national monument got tedious so… the whole city is now under protection. When you step outside, the message “Now Leaving City Limits” will appear.

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The following monuments had the wrong permissions, since fixed:  arrow barf cockpit cocks derp fagsexe grinder jasa lagsign netherkitty penisscraper pez pileofpoop pissingman poosign rands target toilet transamerican whateverthefuck Weekly backups of the whole world are available here: For those … Continue reading

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