Updates and what have you

Plugins Updated:


  • WorldEdit permissions expanded
  • /date works for some reason
  • Neato rollercoaster now open
  • Still here: minecraft.jerkcity.com:6667 #jerkcity

About jerkcity

JERKCITY FOREVER and ever and ever amen
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2 Responses to Updates and what have you

  1. LafinJack says:

    I’ll date you.

  2. buhhhhh says:

    In reply to: xxxxxxx1418@craigslist.org

    Handjobs you say? How much for you to come to my place? Also can I pay you in bitcoins? Also please don’t go through my wallet and find my address while I’m in the bathroom to blackmail me and tell my wife I’m getting JOed by a crossdresser

    Please respond

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