huffing it hard


  • Fire works again, not in all zones though
  • Mail to was bouncing due to full disk, always works
  • Many new protected zones (“national landmarks”) established: signs; Condominiums; giant toilet; greenhouse; Post Office
  • Apparently “the dongominums are almost up and running” and “you can get a nice place in the shaft” (whatever that means)

Some plug-in changes:

  • Installed: SpamHammer (auto-mutes/kicks/bans chat spammers, still fiddling with defaults)
  • Removed: SimpleAntiSpam (plug-in no longer appears to exist on bukkit dev anymore)
  • Upgraded: EpicZones 0.35
  • Tweaked: Dynmap shows full body icons now
  • Evaluating: Essentials as per ChrisPBS

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JERKCITY FOREVER and ever and ever amen
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