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The Gimme plug-in works like so: /gimme [items] (n) Where items can be: flowers archery blocks glass stairs stuff things food music n is the quantity, default 1. Example: /gimme blocks 64 or just: /gimme food

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Plug-ins: craftbukkit 1.1-R4 TobiMotd 2.0 Gimme 1.0.1 EpicZones 0.35.1 dynmap 0.32 The /highway command has been retired.

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users per day

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huffing it hard

Fixed: Fire works again, not in all zones though Mail to was bouncing due to full disk, always works Many new protected zones (“national landmarks”) established: signs;┬áCondominiums; giant toilet; greenhouse; Post Office Apparently “the dongominums are almost up … Continue reading

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